Abstracted Landscape

These ‘Abstracted Landscape’ paintings represent an accumulation of years of observation and study of the way light transitions from one moment to the next. Ranging from overt colour fields to more mysterious abstractions, they cover a period in my creative development from 1996 right through until the present, and have been influenced by the works of the American Luminists, Mark Rothko, and the later Abstract expressionists such as Martyn Brewster.

Biomorphic Abstraction

These ‘Biomorphic Abstraction’ paintings, on the other hand, are paintings that have emerged from an altogether different part of my creative journey. Inspired by Paul Klee, Jackson Pollock and Howard Hodgkin, these 27 paintings combine an overtly calligraphic style with allusions to a narrative subtext that is drawn from the world of mythology, story telling and dream.

Radio Interview with Tish Pearlman, broadcast Sunday October 26th 2014 on NPR radio, WSKG-FM, Ithaca, New York.
Out of Bounds, created by Tish Pearlman, features interviews with visionaries: people living, working and thinking outside the mainstream.

The goal of the show is to bring community members into clearer focus, to erase the lines that divide us, to create common ground, and to move forward with a deeper understanding of the issues and concerns that tie us together. Since our debut in April 2005, the show has featured conversations with writers, teachers, composers, artists, activists, musicians, and members of the various religious and cultural communities. These guests discuss their non-traditional work and undertakings, which are generally "outside the mainstream". The subject matter also serves to redefine the "mainstream" and encourages critical thinking regarding the definitions of today's culture.